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NCAA Cross Country Championships

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Member Since:

May 18, 2010



Goal Type:

NCAA Champ

Running Accomplishments:

Pre-high school: I ran a lot of local 5ks and a few half marathons.  I didn't do a ton of training, but I just had fun, and I got more serious about it as high school got closer.

High school: I enjoyed running a lot, especially cross country.  I originally did track to keep my in shape for cross country.  I ran at Footlocker Nationals, the Adidas Dream mile, Brooks PR Invitational, world xc junior championships, and a few local 5ks. 

PRs: 800: 1:56.80-State Track 2014

1600: 4:10-State Track 2014/Mile: Sea Level-Adidas Grand Prix-4:07

3200:Alititude(~4500ft): 8:57.99-State Track 2014-2 Mile:8:53 at Brooks PR Invitational

5K: New Balance Indoor Nationals(2014) - 14:24

10K:USA Junior Track Championships (2014)-31:01

15K: Blacksmith Fork Freedom Run (aided) 48:10(2013).

Half Marathon: 
Utah Valley Half - 1:11:24(aided)(2012)






NCAA finishes:

Cross Country: 10th(2018);

Indoor: 3k-7th(2019) 5k-10th(2019);

Outdoor: 10k-22nd(2018), 4th(2019), 5k-7th(2019)

Long-Term Running Goals:

Make sure I have fun, not get burned out, and get faster.

School records in the 5km and 10km.  


Served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints from July 2015-July 2017.  I gained 30 lbs. during the service and came back out of shape; however I knew that if the Lord wanted me to once again run competitively, he would bless me to return to fitness. 

I graduated from Sky View High School in Smithfield, Utah. I currently run for Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.  

Favorite Blogs:

Miles:This week: 66.24 Month: 87.04 Year: 2470.80
Race: NCAA Cross Country Championships (6.214 Miles) 00:30:40, Place overall: 3, Place in age division: 3
Total Distance

2.5 mile warm up, strides, race where I froze, post-race freezing, and then some warming up after a couple hours. I'll write more later, but I'm very proud of the team to push through the conditions and earn our first team national title. I'm thankful for the coaches we have, the teammates who didn't race, and for NAU for setting the bar so high, as well as being very gracious and classy about their loss. 

Race report: Got to the line after the warm up, did some strides, then I started taking off the outer 2 layers, until I was just in armsleeves, jersey, and hat.  I felt cold before the race started.  I did a couple strides, and then put some olive oil on my legs like last year, and then was ready.  I was already soaked before the race even started.  I was also really cold.  The gun went off, and luckily, we were on the second to outside box, so even though I couldn't get moving quickly, I didn't get boxed in.  I eventually started passing people ahead, and was in about 20th once we started the first turn.  I passed Matt and thought we were looking good as a team, because most of us were already up close to the front.  I got passed by Kigen around here, as he started running on the inside where the grass was longer, but didn't have any mud.  This kinda ticked me off, but whatever. I slowly moved up and was in the top few.  At 2k/3k I started feeling pretty terrible.  My calves already started burning, and my quads were hurting.  I was right behind Peter Suefer here, and he started pulling away.  I went with him for a bit, but I was feeling like garbage, so I let him go and decided to run with the pack.  

From 3k to 8k, I still felt like garbage. Suefer had made a big gap, so I tried to close it a few times, once at 5k, and once at 6k, but I just didn't feel how I've felt all year.  Running in the mud and being cold was really tough today.  Around 4k, I had told myself to just stay in it iwht the main pack, because 1)the team needed me, and 2) I wanted to, at the very least, finish in the top-3.  This led me to making moves to try and get to the front.  

Around 8k, the pace kept picking up and we passed Suefer.  I was feeling slightly better here, but still not my best.  Once Kurgat passed Suefer, I tried to go around the pack and catch up.  At about 1k to go, I had gotten some really good momentum, and was trying to catch up to Kurgat who now had a 10 meter lead or so.  Once the fence ended, Kiprop went OUTSIDE the course, running in the grass where there was NO mud, and then he passed me and cut me off.  I slipped, almost fell, and had to re-accelerate.  Right after, Klecker made a move around us all, and takes the lead of our chase pack.  I had to put a lot of effort into catching back up to him, and then I was with him until about 400m to go.  Kurgat had increased his lead to a point where catching him didn't seem possible, and Klecker had started to pull away. I heard someone yell "you gotta catch this Colorado guy for points" at me here.  This was the only time I heard someone yell anything about points or the team race the whole race.  Right after this point, Seufer passed me and started battling with Klecker.  Klecker dropped him, and he was dropping off, and I dug as deep as I could in the last 100m to get the minimal goal of top-3.  I caught him with about 5 meters left, and it was great. 

After the race, I was more exhausted than I've been after any race this season.  I watched the finish of other runners, but I had no idea what was going on.  Eventually Danny or Jake came to me, saying "I think we won." Due to NAU being such a good team, I didn't believe them.  I was also so cold that it never settled in. Eventually, I went to the media tent, and was asked what it was like to win by over 50 points, and then I knew the chances of us not getting the win were next to none, so I was pumped.  We then had a team interview, were congratulated by NAU, and it was great, other than being so cold. I couldn't stop shivering during all this time, and I actually couldn't focus on how great the team win was becuase I felt like I was freezing.  After walking back to the tent, I was so cold and couldn't stop shivering, that they trainer stopped me and had me go back to the medical tent.  They treated me for hypothermia, put tons of blankets and heaters on me.  I wasn't the only one with that problem.  They started asking me my name, and other things I can't remember, but eventually I was back at the awards, and I think I was warm again. This was such a great experience having the team get the win, and it was such a hard race.  Onto the next step. 

From Tyler on Mon, Nov 25, 2019 at 07:41:49 from

Congrats on a stellar race and for leading the team to the win. It was incredible to watch.

From Glory in the long run on Mon, Nov 25, 2019 at 11:51:49 from

Great race and team win. I often wonder whether some clothes offsetting the cold isn't worth the added weight. Just the psychological benefit of not thinking bout the cold.

From ShawnHa on Mon, Nov 25, 2019 at 22:23:46 from

Great race, Conner. I really thought you had a great shot at 2nd for a bit. Awesome team win. Next year is YOUR YEAR! You were visibly and audibly shivering in the post-race interview I watched. Yes, Glory, I definitely agree with your comment about clothing. Those arm sleeves that so many runners wear are good in, say, 45 degree weather, especially since they take away the wind chill on the arms as they move through the air. However, in cold, snowy conditions, very cold rain, or when you're constantly being sprayed with cold mud by the runners all around you, I would DEFINITELY wear at least a long-sleeve shirt AND a thin, fleece cap. Probably some light gloves, too. And what's wrong with half tights for your hamstrings? You can always throw away the cap and gloves if you start to feel too warm. Thirty minutes in freezing temperatures in a racing singlet alone . . . NAH, bad idea.

From nofacetimber on Tue, Nov 26, 2019 at 11:17:37 from

Congratulations on leading the BYU men to their first cross country team title!! And for fighting through those rough conditions. Big time!

From Holt on Tue, Nov 26, 2019 at 19:11:56 from

So awesome!

Congrats on the individual race and especially on the team

From Jon on Thu, Nov 28, 2019 at 17:41:48 from

1st place team overall in NCAA Div I. 3rd place individual overall. So impressive, especially on a day when you said your body didn't feel as good as usual. Great job, Conner- you've got a lot of FRB fans cheering you on. Great season.

From Ryan Hansen on Fri, Nov 29, 2019 at 15:27:22 from

Great race Connor! And, what a day for BYU men and women...so cool! Itís amazing how youíve bounced back post-mission. Congratulations on a great XC season and good luck with the upcoming track season.

From Sasha Pachev on Sat, Nov 30, 2019 at 22:08:55 from

Congratulations on the team win and third place individually!

From jtshad on Sun, Dec 01, 2019 at 07:15:58 from

Congrats to you and the team on a stellar performance in very difficult conditions!

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