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West Coast Conference championships

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Member Since:

May 18, 2010



Goal Type:

NCAA Champ

Running Accomplishments:

Pre-high school: I ran a lot of local 5ks and a few half marathons.  I didn't do a ton of training, but I just had fun, and I got more serious about it as high school got closer.

High school: I enjoyed running a lot, especially cross country.  I originally did track to keep my in shape for cross country.  I ran at Footlocker Nationals, the Adidas Dream mile, Brooks PR Invitational, world xc junior championships, and a few local 5ks. 

PRs: 800: 1:56.80-State Track 2014

1600: 4:10-State Track 2014/Mile: Sea Level-Adidas Grand Prix-4:07

3200:Alititude(~4500ft): 8:57.99-State Track 2014-2 Mile:8:53 at Brooks PR Invitational

5K: New Balance Indoor Nationals(2014) - 14:24

10K:USA Junior Track Championships (2014)-31:01

15K: Blacksmith Fork Freedom Run (aided) 48:10(2013).

Half Marathon: 
Utah Valley Half - 1:11:24(aided)(2012)



3k-7:50 at dr. Sander Invitational and MPSF



NCAA finishes:

Cross Country: 10th(2018);

Indoor: 3k-7th(2019) 5k-10th(2019);

Outdoor: 10k-22nd(2018), 4th(2019), 5k-7th(2019)

Long-Term Running Goals:

Make sure I have fun, not get burned out, and get faster.

Eventually get the school records in the 5km and 10km.  


Served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints from July 2015-July 2017.  I gained 30 lbs. during the service and came back out of shape; however I knew that if the Lord wanted me to once again run competitively, he would bless me to return to fitness. 

I graduated from Sky View High School in Smithfield, Utah. I currently run for Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.  

Favorite Blogs:

Miles:This week: 59.30 Month: 291.40 Year: 4284.47
Total Distance
Race: West Coast Conference championships (4.971 Miles) 00:23:33, Place overall: 1, Place in age division: 1
Total Distance

AM-Fun race, I'll write more later.

2.5 warm up, strides, then the race started.  It was a pretty small field, and they had the starter on a ladder about 50 meters from the line, so I was more concerned with avoiding the starter than getting out well.  We got out well as a team, but it wasn't super important with such a small field.  The course had lots of turns, so I just ran on the inside where I could.  It was pretty flat, so I just let myself get into a rythem.  The goal was to wait until 4k, and then start stringing the race out, and then push the last 2k if need be.  I led a little in the first 2k, then the next 2k I sat behind a couple Portland guys.  I could tell they were annoyed that our whole time was just sitting on them, but that's how it goes sometimes.  At 3.5k, Zac took the lead.  At 4k, I took it and started a push to string things out.  At 5.5k, it was just Jake, myself and Kipruto from Portland.  At 6k, it was just Jake and I.  I kept the pace pretty consistent, and tried to get Jake to run with me.  I wanted Jake to fight for the win with me, or try and cross together if we could, but he wasn't feeling the greatest.  I maintained a small lead the rest of the way, motioning Jake to catch up.  At the last 100m, I sprinted it in.  Not my usual racing style, but it was good enough for the day.  Short cool down after due to interviews.  

PM-8.5 miles with Michael. Talem and Matt were with us for 2.

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AM-18.1 mile long run. Felt good and kept it chill. Mostly with Micah.

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AM-6.5 miles alone.  Woke up early due to daylight savings, but waited for others to run with.  No one showed up though. 

PM-12 miles, then some strides on the track. Went a bit quick during some parts.  Ready for a great workout tomorrow.  

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AM-6 miles with Michael, Talem, and then we met Andrew Brewer on the way.

PM-10.8. 5 mile tempo at lake loop. Wore trainers, coach said no flats today. Goal pace was 4:50-55, but my watch was a bit weird, and I didn't hear splits after mile 2, so I went off feel. Ran 23:58, just 18 seconds off what I ran it in 4%s last year with people. Today also felt easier. Good things to come.

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AM-11.2 miles, starting at 5:50AM. Earlier than I wanted, but it's fine.

PM-7.2 miles with strides. 

Total Distance

AM-6.1 miles. 

PM-2x(mile, 1200, 800) on the grass near the track.  Fast starts for the miles (64 and 65 first 400s).  Went 4:30, 3:21, 2:14, 4:33, 3:28, 2:07.  After the first 2 reps, Coach had me tone it down after this and run with the pack. I ran with the group on the first 800m and the second 1200m, and part of the second mile.  I felt good.  

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AM-6 miles with Michael.  

PM-10.1 miles.  9.7 outside, then 4 strides on the indoor track.  

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AM-Long run with the team. Last 8 miles were with Jake. I felt a little tired, so hopefully this shorter long run will help me be ready for two weeks. 

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AM-7 miles. Watch died at 6, and so I missed the turn around for the 2 mile add on. So maybe more, but I'll count it as 7.

PM-4 mile warm up, 2xmile at tempo then 4x800 at an interval pace, all done at intramural field, 4:45 and 4:46 for the tempos, then 2:12, 2:10, 2:09, 2:09. Felt really good until the last 500 of the last rep. Surprised at how fast I ran at intramural field because it's usually tough to get moving there.

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AM-6 miles with Michael and Jake.

PM-11 miles with Clayton, some with Milly and Jared. Strides after. Always a blast running with those guys. It was Milly's first time running since New York, which made for some funny jokes.

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Total Distance

AM-5.3 easy miles with Jake.

PM-tempo 800, 2x400 on grass. 2:22, 60, 64.

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AM-4.2 easy miles.

PM-4 miles on the course and then some strides.

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Race: NCAA mountain regional (6.214 Miles) 00:30:32, Place overall: 4
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PM-NCAA Mountain regional. Got out poor, thought I was good to settle in, then I got pushed to the back. I slowly moved up to the lead around 1k, stayed in the front pack, kept a good tempo, but nothing too quick. Tried to relax a lot. Around 9k a few NAU guys made moves to get the win. I followed for a few seconds, thinking I could be fine, but then I remembered to take it chill because nationals is just 8 days away, so I did. Time to recover, maybe get a second run in.

Total Distance

AM-10 easy miles. I felt great. 

PM-almost 40 minutes. Ran into Kale partway, so I ran with him for a few miles.


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AM-5.2 easy miles with Jake, Michael and Talem.

PM-13.5k with Clayson, some grass loops, strides, and then I ran back with Jake and Kramer.

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AM-5 miles with Talem and Jake.

PM-8x400 alternating on grass and track. Felt really good. 

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AM-8 easy miles early in the morning. Felt tired.

PM-4 easy miles and then strides. Felt great.

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AM-8.3 miles on a beautiful trail with 2x60 seconds and 2x30 seconds at a quicker pace.

PM-3 miles on a treadmill. Clayton did this before his win in the 10k, so didn't seem like a bad idea. 


Total Distance

6.3 miles at the course. Strides near the start. 

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